08 October 2007

Today Hayley's sister Amber is in town. The three of us met at Balthazar on Spring Street. The place is wonderful and I'm not going to debate it.

I had the Brioche French Toast for $13 and a nice glass of Orange Juice. The FT was perfectly sweet and didn't need syrup. It was squishy in the middle and crispy outside. My one complaint would be the too small glass of OJ and the waitress pushing a basket of pastries on us that was overpriced and kinda dull. It's one saving grace was the cocoa bread.

The wait-staff is very cute. There was this one guy with tattoos all over his arms that I wanted to make out with bunches.

After our brunchish meal we walked over to Sephora (nothing really interesting there) and then wondered into the M.A.C. store so Hayley and Amber could pick up some things. Somehow I ended up in a chair having eye-liner applied to my face...I will admit to some rockstar desire to keep it up for a bit, but we will see if I manage to pull that off.

I also picked up my lovely hand made bowler today from Kelly Christy on Broome Street. It looks awesome. Expect me to start wearing sweater vests, ties, and a bowler as soon as the weather actually turns autumnal.

The eye-liner might have to come out too... ;)