29 December 2008

Henry's End & Some Sirens

I met Rex at work and we made our way to Henry's End to meet Jack, who promised us an amazing dinner on him. My shoes were filled with gallons of slushy black NY snow water by the time we stumbled into the cardboard covered entry way of the Brooklyn Heights establishment.

I was in love with the brick wall and the sadly filled in fireplace. They have a neon sign right in the middle of the wall that looks like it would be at home on the set of an 80s TV show. It's green and pink versions of the Brooklyn Bridge and Twin Towers seeming almost Miami-esque. It borders on being tacky but is saved by its obvious connections to the history of the restaurant.

The room is close, you are always at elbows with someone, but the atmosphere is too friendly to let this get in your way. The service is pitch perfect and the staff is very knowledgeable about the food and wine.

The wine list is pretty great. I know little to nothing about wine but the bottle of pinot the waitress suggested was spectacular.

I opted for the Pear, Walnut & Blue Cheese Chicken. The tastes blended very well and aside from the cheese being slightly overpowering the dish was perfect. Rex had Blackened Shell Steak and Jack went for the Raspberry Duckling. Henry's is fairly well known for their duck dishes.

We shared a Chocolate Confusion for dessert. This is essentially chocolate bread pudding covered in sauce and ice cream. It was lovely.

Overall the whole experience was great. The food was filling and incredibly well made and the wine list has something for everyone. It might be one of my new favorite places to eat in Brooklyn.

We ended the night at a lovely holiday concert called Sirens of Brooklyn. It was a benefit for viBe Song Makers, a non-profit performing arts organization for teenage girls. The concert was held at the First Unitarian Church's Revival Gothic Sanctuary in Brooklyn. The choir performed beautiful new arrangements of old Christmas standards and traditional songs. I found a new favorite as well - Snow is Falling by Yoko Ono!

I know I'm tardy in updating this thing but I plan on beingmore onthe regular in the new year. I also want to expand the scope to include general awesomeness in food, art, design, etc...