16 December 2014

From _ to _

Brian Oliu dared us to do something.

Gawker published a chart of the most used words in pop music by decade. It's oddly psychological. Oddly vague and uneasy to read.

Brian thought we should write poems.

Here is his.

Below is mine.

            From _ to _

There was a moment when the sky opened and you cried uncle
up until not the clouds had kept it all at bay         collapsing into yourself you cried uncle
and the giving was somehow –                   It has begun to rain gems
they tink on the pavement              collect in arroyos       are water blue

Remember when we spoke in phases of the moon

When the children all looked like they were doing a polka

Look    I know that we left you crying in the desert but we were on mushrooms
             – It’s Christmas…

On the radio – baby
                        it’s cold outside woman –
            That song is always creepy              I hate the sound of the word love

What did you see out there when we left you
In the breaking clouds was there a face – did it come for you

stretching into a scream I never believed in – I know it was terrible when we –