21 November 2007

Six Things - Two Days

On Monday I went out to:

Alchemy on 5th and St. Marks in Park Slope. Great little bar restaurant with a nice staff. Only downside was the incredibly bright lighting. But even that can be forgiven. Try it out for a low-key evening. Great early bar, it's quiet.

Union Hall on 5th Ave and Union. Crazy busy but beautifully put together bar. They have a really good list of draughts and bottled beers. They make great food. We had some of the Saga Cheese Balls...which were ridiculous, but awesome. Can be filled to the brim on some nights, be prepared for crowds. They have music in the basement.

We finished the night at Tea Lounge on Union and 7th Ave. On Monday nights they have free movies at 9:30. Some Like It Hot was showing this night.

On Tuesday there was more fun:

I started out at the movies. Margot at the Wedding was a very strange but great film by Noah Baumbach. It stars Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, and Jack Black.

Corner Shop Cafe on Broadway and Bleecker. I had a great feta and walnut ravioli. I ate with Tyler who had a PB sandwich that was two inches thick. The space is beautiful and it was comfortable. The website is all in flash, which is just annoying, but the menu is simple and good. Go there.

Quarter Bar is on 5th Ave and 20th in Brooklyn. It's right smack in the middle of a stretch of laundromats and bodegas. Great dim bar with an awesome jukebox. I recommend trying their meat pies. Delicious. They also have a nice list of signature cocktails to try out.