21 July 2009

Naples is the New Pizza

My roommate has started getting New York Magazine randomly. We assume it's free as he didn't purchase a subscription. A few years ago I had a similar situation with Genre. After 2 years of getting it every month it suddenly vanished from my mailbox, leaving me without its vapid pretend GQness.

So I read through the latest issue. There was an article rating the Top 20 trendy pizza places in NYC. The number 3 spot on the list is held by Franny's. This restaurant is right near where I work and yet I hadn't gone. So my roommates and I ventured forth last night.

I remembered why I hadn't tried it within 5 minutes.

The wait.

The place is packed. Noisy. Sauna-esque and poorly run by the waitstaff. The hostess seemed to have no idea how to run her wait list. She walked the full length of the restaurant every time someone new came in. It was sad. We waited about 30 minutes, not terrible and I would do it again in a heartbeat (more on that later).

The waitstaff was lovely. They are nice people and were quick. We got our food in about 10 minutes. Maybe faster. The problem was the staff's knowledge of their wine list...which is extensive but mainly based around a few brands. I asked for a light, dry red to go with our meals. The waitress seemed unable to help me select something. I finally pointed randomly at the $30 wines. This cast a bit of a pall on my mood. I don't like not knowing my wine and I like it less when the suggestion is poorly thought out.

The pizza was amazing though. I got the basic mozz, basil, tomato sauce combo. The crust was a little charcoaled in spots but perfectly doughy. The sauce was sweet and not acidic, the mozz was fresh and stringy. Beautiful.

For dessert I had a dark chocolate gelatto that was probably the best thing I've ever had in my whole life.

The place is reasonable for what you are getting. With three pizzas, a bottle of wine and a dessert we spent $100. I will go back, but earlier in the evening and definitely when I have time to spend waiting for a seat.


295 Flatbush Ave.

19 July 2009

Every Day Every Moment

There is an amazing new internets project over HERE that a Mr. Crispin Best has begun.
He is presenting a story/poem for every year from 1400-present.

I helped out with 1497 - the bonfire of the vanities!

Drop on by and have a looksee.