25 November 2009


Carnic (11/25)

When I was little I had Dinosaur sheets
Red Tyrannosaurus and purple Brontosaurus against a white field
Red being the color of anger and all things predatory
Purple being feminine and the color of eating plants
White the calm neutral place to plant them all
There were out of place palm trees tilting like Hawaiian Tropic commercials
And they felt like old t-shirts

The last time I slept in someone's bed the blankets were too hot
And the dog was all over us when we slept and when were awake
They were scratchy and starchy and smelled like sand
They were dark red the color of wine
And we wrapped ourselves around each other
The radiator hissed so loud I stared at the ceiling all night and smelled dog breath
I only thought about Dinosaurs roaming endlessly

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