01 December 2009

Monoidal Popper

Internet should be back up Thursday. So here are the poems for today:

Monoidal (12/1)

Michael Wilson is sleeping through the day
He is dreaming about being a ninja - in a bank - in the rain
He is sleeping on a couch in a foyer - wrapped in down comforters
Michael Wilson is eyes closed

Michael Wilson is running a fever for weeks
He is feeling the pressure of skin on skull
He is watching snow - rain - wind - pile in the vacant lot
Michael Wilson is petting a cat

Michael Wilson is a geometric equation
He is a network frame with a cybernetic skin - a concept realized
He is walking through walls and magnetized
Michael Wilson is a recording of himself

Michael Wilson is walking dizzy in the city
He is unsure of the past and future - weary of this concrete - anxious
He is sleeping while awake and sees everything in pink Michael Wilson is becoming a closet of ghosts

And yesterday:

Popper (11/30)

- to enjoy the threesome - I pull
the string - a crown a fortune a
little plastic unicorn - lubricant
sheets over the floor - the sound
snapping fingers - a dick pulls out -

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