08 February 2010

Some Things

I feel like I should address a few issues some have no doubt noticed.

1) Yes, there are a few posts about restaurants and food before the poems begin. This was, at one point, a food blog. It stopped. I was going to delete those posts but felt like ignoring the history was silly. I like what was written, it stays.

2) Yes, these poems are not running in 'real time' with the word-of-the-day from the OED. These were written in 07/08. I decided to post the older stuff first as a chance to 'air it out' and to allow me some time to get back in the habit of writing every day. I AM writing a poem every day based on the current poems. Today's word was 'marsupial'. It's hilarious.

3) As soon as I run through the 07/08 poems I am going to start posting in real time. What you see will be written that day. This will happen sometime this summer. I will let you know. Both of you.

4) I am working on some secret awesomeness to be reveled this spring.

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