07 May 2010


This is why people like "dangerous" looking magic acts. People want to see them not make it. I know that it's morbid.

But it's true.

Extemporary 5/7

She's wearing that sequined number
        the one with the sheer top that makes
        it look like you can see her tits

All waving hands and red face
        fingernails flashing airport
        traffic controllers - LOOK OVER HERE!

She's pointing at the giant glass box
        all filled with water, you can tell it's thick
        because it looks blue around the edges

He's in there again
        chains, the whole number
        I'm here because I'm waiting for the keys
        to drop the lock to catch
        the jacket to snag

anything really

        just to see his face go purple
        rise up that fear face n the eyes look
        out at her really not there tits
        and think...really think...

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