09 September 2010


So-so 9/9

Trees are a black foreground and the clouds are
a glowing white backdrop painted onto the light box sky

It is the first day of cool weather – the first fallish moment

I have placed my ass in New York for a year – what
have I received from this tower?

This glowing sky – this September – I have been given
a rotting flower – a pumpkin carved with Jesus

No – I have taken these things

Scooped out the insides and placed them on a table there
are knives and I am taking each apart and making a collage

I am using the blood of things to make alphabets

This A is bone marrow – the N a failed romance – what
am I doing here?

The sky is always like this in September – this weird calm
this Magritte sighing

I am waiting for fireflies to make comets – cicadas to sing elegies

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