04 January 2011


Restorative 1/4

I imagine myself wearing a long dark coat
standing at a rail by the ocean

It is freezing cold my hands are in pockets
the tide is beating and coming in hard

Sending mist into the air onto my glasses
my vision is droplets

I imagine that this frozen body is in process
of rebirth

The limbs need numb to shed the layers
old skin worn out thoughts

In the vision I have hair that whips about
my face and the sky is that gray monotone
that is so close to being the same blue
that circles in your eyes

I want this to be a restorative one drink
and everything changes

Some would say that I am incapable of
being truly madly deeply happy

That I put myself on that rail in that cold
horrible coat

The turn isn’t the new year but the idea
of the new year clicking in place

Sudden gears that stuck long ago making
the collective decision to move

What I forget always forget
is that the sides of the gray sky are bleeding
with that warm melon color and that there
are birds chirping along as well

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