03 April 2011

Hot Cross Bun

Martin Usborne takes pictures of dogs left in cars. They are at times haunting, sad, frightening. They are always interesting:

Leaving a dog in a car is something we do without really thinking about it. We cannot take the dog into such-and-such a place, so it is left. Hopefully with the window down a bit and hopefully not on a hot day.

But we don't think about it.

I'm fascinated by these things that are never thought about. The things we do daily that have a place in some ritualistic past.

Hot Cross Bun 4/3

We stand – behind a counter talking and you say
I wonder why such-and-such came to be

Everything was ritual that slowly vanished into time

This line across this roll – you think it’s got something to do with
it rising in the oven – not popping open and being ruined

But it’s a devotional to god – a reminder as you eat

The roll would turn out the same either way
So it is with anything really – we do things this way because we’ve always

And why change something we’ve always?

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