28 May 2012

Waiting (For FS)

I want to remind everyone that June 4th will be the final poem-a-day poem. I will be posting my articles on Mondays and my THIS! posts on Fridays. I'm working on a short story that I am going to serialize on Wednesdays. I'm hoping to get that off the ground in June.

This poem is based on Paling.

Waiting (For FS) 5/28

Pray for smoothness

These days rack up - fall

And they count against the total

But the comforter will do just that
will cover you like a vegetable bed
in burlap

Will protect the roots from frost

Those little white fingers - inching

They break rocks in their path

There is that poem about tossing the roots
into the basement and watching them pile
about the small green shoots poking all over

To pull the roots you have to go deep
that is understatement is talking about some
inner mantle of the earth shit

If only it were so easy - pile the unwanted
tubers in a corner
let them rot their hearts out

Flip the card over

It is a garden scene - women in petticoats
men in full suits - it looks like summer
like Proust - like BBC dramas

On the back a quick note
in a rushed hand

In the darkness the leaves stay porcelain white

The little bud fists are albino - are pink veins of hope

The fragility of these things is easy to forget
at the height of summer when everything screams

But it's all so small - tiny even - quiet - at the beginning

And it all ends so suddenly

Release the dandelion seeds

Let them take their paths - reseed

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