17 August 2016

Poem-A-Day #170 : Becoming Full

Becoming Full

                    - here are the rules
for becoming full :

          1)       break your history and find the buttonhole
                         where the ashes
                              can be pressed into service -

there are tools for that - maybe
you could put them in a 3D printer with some resin
and then print out a button
it would be the color of slate

                    you'll need to find a shirt without
          but that's not too hard - you could tear one off
of the shirt you have on

          2)        after you've been erased
                          there will be a desire to immediately fill

         3)         let the rain fall on you until you are purple
                          cold breaking like a land-locked lake crashing
                               on the crushed quartz shore

you're going to want to be summer
be winter
be a glacier's patience

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