15 June 2007

Cats and Comfort

Being comfortable is something that we as humans talk about frequently. When we are tired, we just want comfort and sleep. Sick? I, for one just need a comfy blanket and a ridiculous movie (Bedknobs and Broomsticks works for me every time). When we are dying the one thing that we always discuss first is the comfort of the person lying there. We are also discussing our own comfort, but don't verbalize it.

For me the one food that is comfortable at all times is pizza. It doesn't matter what my mood or state of mind, it will do. Even if I am in the violent throws of a fever, a good slice will make me sit up and eat. Nice and comfy like.

My neighborhood has no good pizza. For that matter, I have yet to find a truly great slice anywhere in New York City. This may come as a surprise considering the straight up insistence of the NY superiority in the battles of the slice. Honestly though...I'd rather eat Pizza Hut over the limp soggy grease-fest that passes as 'pizza' here in the pomme grande.

My search reached yet another dead end the other night. I had just spent the day taking care of a very sick cat. The evening ended with a trip to the vet and talk of catheters and surgeries that would 'widen uretra.' After the day all I wanted was a good slice of pizza and an episode of MST3K. I ordered from the only pizza place that delivers to my apartment - Gino's - in about 20 minutes I received a very large pizza for $11.75.

I came into my apartment and started up the DVD. Then I opened the box. The pie looked all right, even tasted OK...but...the pepperoni had a distinct sausage taste and the sauce was oddly sweet. The crust alternated between too soft and too hard. The whole thing did little to comfort me, and even less to fill me.

This seems to be the same problem all over the city. Even the 'best' slice I have found (Roma on 7th Ave in park Slope) still leaves me feeling empty and wanting more. Maybe NY is just like that...slightly greasy, hyped beyond belief, violently loved/hated, and at the end of the day it doesn't fill you up and you are not comforted.

Maybe that's life in general.

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