31 July 2007

Press 195

My friend Leonard visited from New Mexico a few weeks ago. We wandered Park Slope in search of the perfect post-dinner hour but not-yet-late-night eating establishment. We passed on the Thai fare at Song and discovered that the V-Spot was done serving dinner. Fortunately this discovery of Press 195.

A simple place with an extensive menu of various sandwiches and appetizers. We opted for the apple with brie and honey and I got the #27 - chicken with bbq sauce, onion, jalapeno, and Gouda. Leonard had grilled zucchini with squash, red pepper and spinach.

I spent a whopping $23 on this meal. It was the perfect evening ender.

Press 195 is located at (obviously) 195 5th Ave in Park Slope. 718.857.1950

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