09 March 2010


Implead 3/9

I take umbrage
                           take it and go to a movie
                           a four o'clock cartoon
                  Some hideous animal is searching
         for its equally hideous parents in a jungle
         now a city
         now a beach

Tedious Disney film! Get off my back!
I'm on a date with umbrage

I'm trying to bring it into resentment
Trying to make it dark bottomless

You are dully animated muddy in color
You are refocusing my anger towards your creators
                           lazy people who have lackluster processes
                           who send out shoddy work
                  You hope children won't notice
         but what of their futures? their lack
         of imagination
         of fond memories of the past?

What of the future?
You have taken umbrage my long-term friend
You have turned it into hope for others to come along
         replace this rubbish

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