31 August 2010


Monomorphic 8/31

Hopelessly falling off the edge of a cloud structure

Hopelessly clutching a cream-colored purse and wearing Audrey Hepburn hats

Hopelessly romantic walking into a bar ordering two drinks and waiting for no one

Hopelessly romantic films are playing at the drive-in all weekend

Hopelessly romantic and falling through what one could take for solid forms

Hopelessly romantic stealing a bag and searching for chewing gum

Hopelessly shit-faced drunk making out with a mailbox

Hopelessly romantic burning up on re-entry or some other euphemism for sex

Hopelessly romantic and Holly Golightly about everything of course the book is better

Hopelessly romantic end credits moving in white cue Dido then Enya

Hopelessly romantic rainstorms off the coast of Bermuda Triangles

Hopelessly talk in that fake accent when you wear that outfit it’s just more yes

Hopelessly romantic waters flowing over funeral pyres and wetting postcards

Hopelessly romantic chord progressions that always sound like Truman Capote talking like Philip Glass

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