03 December 2010


Skank 12/3

– could take your money – all your worth
is in that wallet

            by the bedside – with a watch
your cell – bet I could sell that

to the papers – sure someone would care
for the affirmation of your taste in men

– could print those dirty photos – your
almost famous face

            break those hearts of those
starlets – bet she’s a lesbian anyway –

that’s why she keeps with the guys who
vanish – seen it before really it’s all so

typical of your type –

young and stupid and rich

– could take you for so much – already
have – I get to sleep here

            there’s that – I don’t see
starlets in here – and my photos in your

expensive phone which makes me some
sort of lady of the manor or something

            and you let me hold that award
while I fuck you

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