24 March 2011


I'm sure you've heard of this new social app Color.

Today, a poem, about color.

Not "in honor" or "inspired by" so much as on topic.

For the record, the idea of an all-seeing eye app on my or anyone's phone? I'm so not into it. I like the idea of having access to crowd-sourced photos at a public event I am at but I do not like the idea of my life being crowd-sourced.

The concept of a social network that helps you meet new people and isn't primarily about sex is great. The incremental knocks to private life being private are not.

That being said...I bet this thing blows up big time.

Reflex (ROYGBIV) 3/24

Blood color – a face in darkness
you are the epitome of someone
I want naked

Citrus and juice running down
my chin – there is a field and
it is filling

with dandelion – a cluster of
dairy land – a boy in stiff

In March everything is winter
still is slow turning – the fields
are first to push the eyes

Amish people is their pressed
overalls – on the line drying –
your eyes – his

are pressed corn flowers – are
the sound of wind in fields of
wheat – the smell of

straw and horses
The leaves of the plant are felt
are cat ears – everything white

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