25 June 2011


Slenderly 6/25

I press my hand against the glass
Feeling the seam where pane meets pane
It is razor thin my skin can barely press
Into the space I doubt a credit card would fit
A credit card does ft and sticks
And will not come out
On the other side a god of destruction
Sticks his tongue at me
It is cracking play-doh
It is gum on sidewalks
Pink and grey and bumping and terrible
I flap my arms in confusion
I am a bird looking for dead young
Raising a cuckoo as my own
Pulling and I am afraid the glass will crack
Or an alarm will sound
An alarm does sound
I get the card out in time to be asked
Who what when why
Be looked at incredulously
I’m always incredulous
I explain
Skin and glass a space that needed to be filled
I sigh and leave the gallery

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