01 September 2011


For September each poem will be about an event that happened on this date in history.

Preach (Fountain of Time 1920) 9/1

Time goes, you say? Ah no,
Alas, time stays, we go

One hundred ninety years of peace

And these stone faces
Still pass, silent, before
The unblinking face of time

Many hiding themselves, in the folds of coats,
Behind the lock march of war, the flags of fathers

Here is the allegory of walking across a park at night :

The girl is young, is near a reflecting pool
She wears a red coat
She carries a basket of bread
She pauses to see herself and the moon
She is never seen again as she is seen that moment

Does she represent lost youth?
The rapidly declining British control in America?

One hundred ninety stories end this way

And the beginning is somewhere in history

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