08 December 2011


I know it's meant to be haiku month, but this happened.

Round-The-World 12/8

In the grocery store
in Taos

There is a Cristmas Tree
it is the middle of November
and the turkeys haven’t even sold yet

A stack of Terry’s chocolate orange
in dark and milk varieties

I take one home
crack it against the floor
and eat the core first

We’re living with a big sky

Lidless blue orb of forgetting

I have lost so many selves…


What was the question ?

Remember that magnolia tree in Georgia
that willed with waxy cream blossoms
every spring ?

In that house we planted pumpkins
and had a pet lizard caught in the roses
out front

We named him Mister Nobody
and buried him at the foot of the yard
with all of the goldfish

The limb
of the pine tree
was shaped just so
that if you leap
it would launch you
into the air
through the limbs
to the field below

You spread your arms
look all figurehead-y
and close your eyes
then step to the edge
of the building

This does not equal that

That one of these thing happened in Georgia and another in New Mexico and then the last one in England or New York matters only to me

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