10 July 2007

Taste of Chicago. It is one of the summer's main events. Restaurants from all over the city get together under a hundred different tents to sell three or four of their signature dishes. It's a fair just for food.

Instead of rides; rainbow ice cream.
Instead of games; Cajun chicken with red beans and rice.
Instead of 4-H club and blue ribbons; piles of freshly fried chips covered with homemade barbeque sauce.

The indigestion is unbelievable.

What I particularly like about Taste is that everyone deals with the fact that they drop food on themselves all day. Grazing from vendor to vendor, walking along eating off of paper plates with plastic cutlery, spillage is bound to happen. There's nothing to be self conscious about though, no sir! The smudges of food are badges of honor. "Look at me, I have curry on my sleeve, strawberry sauce on my chest and cheese on my tummy. I am a champion of the Taste."

Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmmm.

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