19 October 2009


I liked the idea of everyone looking up the words themselves...but starting today I will link to the lesser (but unlike the OED, free) Dictionary.com definition of each poem's word.

Caesar (10/19)

I am the sun.

My arms create fields of wheat.

The smell of damp grass right after plow - it is October
everything is muting in the throat of the swallow
are travel songs.
Red vibrates the trees.

I am the universe.

My voice invents the name of stars - I breathe the dark cosmos
nebulae inside my gaping maw are going to planet
sooner or later each will swirl.
A blue eye - vortex calling itself earth.

I am everything ever ever.

The words fall off my tongue and are water - taste the clear
of the mountain's highest peak in glacier
pack of centuries huddled for warmth.
They are men in dark coats waiting for me to say 'go on