07 October 2009


Multistate (10/7)

Folding in we take this place and push it into playdoh molds
It gets flowers on its ass and smells like plastic and salt
Thos little crumbs of green are sticking hard and are crumbling

This is where the flower shapes mash and the petals go clear
There are thousands of feet going crazy marching like footsoldiers
We are taking this storm to the oceans to the front doors of everybody

Taking this storm folding pressing we will have lightbulbs over every head
It's turning off and on a meal on every plate and then an empty plate to clean
The molds are breaking there will be no more salt lick shapes in any color anywhere

This place folds nice and neat an origami of stains on table linens
Lick your fingers and come into the other room let us smoke this day
Look at that globe in the corner and pick a dusty spot with your fingers tomorrow there -

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