30 April 2010


Hobby-horse 4/30

And we were kids            cereal with frosting was just
I based the season on how the air looked            what
color the clouds were
Tornado green was electric on the arms haze            skin
            had sweat glow
                                    Dirt was amazing
Planting twigs            imagined woods popping
There was this sort of even keel to minutes a short day
would fill out with a long            some sort of balancing act

So meta            when the scene shifts and it's a blank stage
a            twentysomething man protracting his childhood
            trying to gain something from t
From the color of air even!
                        Balance for real            a sold
out feeling in the pit of stomach
Hollow feelings of reaching some kind of nothingness
Dwende            man            dwende...
The idea that you feel your dying the second you are born.

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