22 April 2010


like the rhythm of numbers. They become almost like a mantra when you read them aloud. This poem is vaguely about war.

Vague seems to be how I deal with large concepts in my poetry. I can write crystal clear about the death of close relatives, about heartbreak, about sex. War ends up like this.

Maybe that's a good thing.

Marathon 4/22

Only 2 got out alive
            family loses 5
His prepared speech was delivered on the 6th
            which was 8 days after the flood
3 guns were found at the scene of the crime
            of the 3, only one was actually fired
Gunman killed 8 including himself
            6 died at the scene, 2 en route to hospitals
If you want me to guess on a timeline for withdrawal...
            I'd have to say 5 or so years.

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