08 July 2010

Parc Ferme

Parc Ferme 7/8

The tree is blooming orchid faces            tiny
and falling into the water            it’s dark and muddy
            but moving through the trees

The leaves are needles            black lacquered green
that crushed velvet coat on New Years

We watched him dancing in the middle of 12th street
His legs kicking out from under him            the street
            waves of soot

Scuffed black dress shoes skirting yellow lines
like some sort of nursery rhyme breaking backs
far away from here            tonight

The quiet of that street            he was humming
Rainy Night in SoHo            then kicked that can
            into your lap

At ______ there were lights on
            making the spires black the grass amber
The city was cut out of the sky

It was splintering            wood panels in old libraries
into needles            green            frail            opening in the water like lilies

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