09 July 2010


I spent a week in the south of France. I lived in a farmhouse and ate amazing home cooked food prepared by this great French woman.

We visited a pilgrimage site.

There was a thumb encased in glass.

Providential 7/9

The little glass sphere is full of a dead fuzz
            It is filled with green foil and a lump of flesh
                        The sphere is the center of the filigree cross
The cross is a green and inside the sphere is orange
            Around the orange is a discoloration
                        This darkening is the space of the fuzz
Which is a deathly gray staring out from its tomb of glass
            The lump of flesh is purported to be a puce
                        A puce is melting in the sphere
A puce is a thumb a big toe this one is a saint
            A melting saint puce in its orange and metal coffin
                        Waiting for something to break glass
To steal crosses in this small French room