01 October 2010


For October, I'm writing a poem about a cryptid or mythic creature.

I'm going to be interpreting the word of the day very loosely.

Today, for example, I took the word and used it as the location for the creature.

Kalamata (Scylla) 10/1

You are a beautiful woman
Tall with as many earthly talents as one may have

And you stand here
Your waist ringing with the heads of wild dogs

The tail of a vile sea creature
Flicks about your ankles and wraps around rocks

What have you done to deserve this
How did one so young and precious anger the gods

To become this hideous wraith
Reaching out to any sailor and breaking every ship

Was it the love of Glaucus
Whom you turned down whom you ran from

There is a dark tale hidden in your breast
One of women running from love they cannot bear


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  2. I have a version 2.0 of this poem with a lot of references to olives, oil, etc...I'm not sure which I like more.