30 October 2010


My work schedule is all sorts of crazy. I will continue to post two a day when I miss one until things level out. Bear with me y'all.

Parathyroid (Con Rit) 10/29

And all things that fall
fall into the gyre of river
beneath the Tower Bridge
and spin for eternity
plus your age when you
first felt sea salt in your hair

The great lymphatic system
of the continent stucks itself
at the Thames Barrier
and newspapers collect until
they are putty against the
metallic sails

Up and down go the footsteps
and the small waves of high
and low tide reek with gray
a dog plays in the lines
between water and sand

Another is a head only in surf
and it rises and falls
becomes a thing unlike dog
is serpent is giant and menacing
will come up to London and eat

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