10 September 2011



Bloomer (Large Hadron Collider Powered Up 2008) 9/10

Health, freedom of movement

The beacon is blinking across the water, it flashes Morse
Code for the coming gale, the echo of an older one

Here is a crinoline, bending
terribly as you sit, it will thwap you in the face

The center of a fabric solar system in floral patterns

Are you the sun or a black hole?

See, there is a decision to be made, are you
pulling everything in, or will you benevolently spin your light
into a golden aura for space to absorb?

Health, freedom of movement

Here, let your knees knock, let the sound fill the room

Tap out the sound of woodpeckers, the sound of cicadas
the sound of deathwatch beetles 

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