15 September 2011


Immunity (Nikita Krushchev Visits the US 1959) 9/15

Nikita – you seem to not care about much

Computers don’t wow you – and the trip
to Disneyland was meant to be the highlight

What do you take back from this trip – what
is learnt from America – Self-serve cafeterias
and a supermarket in San Francisco?

Oh Nikita – did you run into Ginsberg?

I’m sure the Soviets will love self-service
and markets are a wonderful thing – but
the brink of change is only a few years away

It doesn’t matter what groceries you fondled
and I’m tired of knowing what foods are
bought anyway –

Such queer things – arms and un-arms

Nikita – would you have bought a mouse hat?
Carried it back to Moscow and shown the people
your name in gold thread?

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