02 November 2011


Centerfold (J. Geils Band 1982) 11/2

Does she come complete?
I’m looking at these pictures thinking of lips
Floating in space : disembodied voices

My memory has just been sold : these are phantom women
The pages from my mind stripped bare left for dead
Does she come complete?

A part of me has just been ripped : in a desert of audio
Tape and magnetic hush floating in space
Disembodied voices are popping off the pages

Of my memory which is of a face in a fog
You are this woman : magazine woman you : But
Does she come complete?

Am I to order you back into my book?
Out of the cloud of history : COME HERE NOW!
Floating through darkness : disembodied desire

Pushing out from pages : pressing the fabric of everything
Tell me are you more then lips?
Does she come complete?
Floating space-like embodied lips?

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