22 April 2012

House Of Flying Daggers

I went to eat at The Sunburnt Calf here in Brooklyn last night. The food was great. Small plates to share and a decent wine/beer selection from Australia.

The restaurant is decorated to look like you are in a small tin covered shelter. On the walls they show fight scenes from martial arts movies. While I was eating House of Flying Daggers and Hero played in silence.

I'm not sure why they made me think of Tilda wearing Dior. Maybe just because she's fierce as hell and would cut through anyone who dared to come at her.

House Of Flying Daggers 4/22

Leaves pick themselves up - whirl
they pinwheel until they form

A woman - Tilda Swinton in a green Dior suit
her eyes break over you like avalanche

What is she trying to direct you to - that
small crag of rocks - the path into the woods

The gingerbread house full of danger
she is motionless - and from the bottom up

Returns to leaves - they sweep over you
prick your skin with their tips - lick

Your wounds - turn fall red and lay
in piles ready for the garbage bags

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