09 April 2012

On Friday May 4th I will be posting my 1000th poem-a-day. What began as an experiment to see if I could write every day for a few weeks has turned into a 3 year project and this site. 4 books have also come out of this project.

As you know I've recently expanded the posts to include my Sellers and Dust Jacket posts. Starting next week I will also add a series of posts on re-reading childhood favorites. The first post will be on A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle. I am also looking forward to doing a few one-off posts on poetry I am reading and other things on my mind.

In light of the expanded nature of my blog and my current work schedule and general feelings about the endeavor of writing every day I have decided to end the poem-a-day project at 1000. I will still post a poem here or there. Maybe once a week or so. But I am taking some time off from writing so often.

You will still see updates from me three times a week. So please come by on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for what I'm up to. And thank you all for your support over the length of the poem project.

I would appreciate you sharing with me your favorite poems from the project or just saying hello. Please share the project with your friends and feel free to post a link anywhere you'd like.


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