03 August 2012

THIS! 8/3/12

THIS! on August 3, 2012

1) A Superstitious Fund

This project by Shing Tat Chung attempts to show us the folly of the investment world. With an £4828.88 initial investment from a pool of 144 people around the world a computer is using superstition and an algorithm of luck to make bets on the stock market for one year.

The computer started trading in June, there is a live board tracking progress on display at the Royal College of Art in London.

I found this on Boing Boing so apologies if you already saw it.

2) MonkeyLectric

These LEDs sit on your spokes and animate basic 8-bit images. Super hipstery but also super safe. They also make a version that plays full video.

3) Sapphire & Steel

What did Joanna Lumley do before AbFab? Well, for one she starred in this amazing, moody 1979-1982 scifi series with David McCallum. Below is part one of the final episode. It's about 90 min to watch all 21 parts and is so worth your time.