29 April 2013

Harlem Shake

In November 2011 I posted a bunch of poems based on songs that were #1 on my birthday. Then I posted my 2011 and 2012 songs in May of last year.

This year Harlem Shake was #1 on my birthday. The week before it was Macklemore's Thrift Shop. Then after only another week Thrift Shop was #1 again.

That is the Backstreet Boys.

The song is inoffensive - though annoying as hell - but inoffensive. The weird viral-video crap of white people acting foolish...just NO.

This happened because Billboard changed the rules of how they calculate the #1 on the Hot 100. They have added in views on YouTube and other social media platforms. Harlem Shake would have NEVER been #1 otherwise.

I went to college with Macklemore. I wanted his song to be my birthday #1. It would have been right.

But...I made the rules and must live by them. So. Here is my 2013 birthday poem.

Harlem Shake

Con los terroristas
with those 9-5s - making dollars
do the Harlem Shake

Walk yourself to the 2 train
take yourself to that dead-end job
con los terroristas

History in the concrete
history in the basements
Do the Harlem Shake

This city forgets itself - breaks bread
with whomever has the dollars
con los terroristas

Dance your ass off
for the man? - or yourself
and do the Harlem Shake

Eventually everything blends
every block looks the same -
con los terroristas
and do the Harlem Shake

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