12 June 2016

Poem-A-Day #104 : Open Letter, Ongoing

Open Letter, Ongoing

America - I don't know why I'm even doing this - you won't listen and it won't make me feel better - the itch inside my skin is way passed the point of terminal but here we are -

You are a deadbeat - a slumlord - you slap price tags on everything and then refuse my credit - you would gladly pay me tomorrow for a cheeseburger today -

The sound of you congratulating yourself on your continued inactions is deafening - I can't breathe through all this noise - you sit on my chest - you laugh like a deranged bird - I try to focus to ease myself into rhythm and yet I cannot -

Your prayers are dim and boring - they would resonate more if you were whipping yourself while lazily tossing them from your mouth but you'd probably get off on the irony - if you could even see it staring you in that Manifest Destiny of a face - that lipstick sure looks nice on you -

America - tell me how safe your house is - how structurally sound - is the foundation free from cracks - does it have curb appeal - how are your servants - how much money for one of your faggots - how about 50 - or for the black ones over there - the brown ones - I bet you get a good penny for those maybe you can get them to clean your house before you sell them - and they're women too - even better -

I want to talk about how you are still those frightened Puritans standing on Plymouth Rock staring into the darkness of the continent and praying that you can find the cockles to dominate the whole shebang but I'm beginning to think that you don't have the cockles - you deal in snake oil - this is why you lash out - are you feeling fragile - do you need a time out - a nap or diaper change - you are so very full of shit -

I hate that you demand this address and that I am happy to give this address - you are a rapist who claims to have been destroyed by the act and can't handle prison - you demand internet access while in prison - and while in prison you brag about your offenses while publicly demanding a retrial - you are fleeing in a car to Mexico the first chance you get and you are building a wall behind you -

America - you are a motherfucker who refuses to get the mother off - a loaded gun that manages to find itself center stage and cannot help itself - you are hollow and false and act only on bad faith -

This is what we're talking about - faith - you like to throw it around until the word means nothing - you are so faithful you have faith there is hope in your faith faith will get us through - faith fuels your terror you drone on and on about your faith and the righteousness of it the impenetrability of it - you are so very impenetrable - your ass is clenched and your eyes are closed -

How many not white not straight not cis men died in America today - how many will die before the week is done - and how many could you have held to your breast and rocked to sleep - how many of your children have you ignored - how many have had to run away before you locked them in the basement and tried to reprogram them to deify you -

America - you are violent and stupid - you watch babies bleed on YouTube for fun you hold anyone you can to the ground and wait for them to die under your knees - you are phobic - you fear the mirror being held to your darker corners and even the lighter ones do not please you the way they once did - why are you so afraid of yourself -

America - every one of your children grows up knowing that you have to get out and keep running -

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