02 June 2016

Poem-A-Day #94 : Making Brownies (An Apocalypse)

Making Brownies (An Apocalypse)

There are days after the apocalypse where we only eat brownies with whatever berries we can find

This is appropriate - it is the only recipe card left - the others are burnt
the ink on them invisible under the dark colors across their surfaces

One still has a smudge of red on it - jelly? - and another has a little drawing of a strawberry - but the foods on them have faded

How are we still making brownies?

There are no eggs or chocolate - there's water and flour but it's made from grass - no milk or butter or anything resembling sugar...

But here they are - this time with those little red berries that are bitter until you cook the hell out of them and then they are just mush

The card says to bake them in an oven that we don't have - the sun does the trick

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