28 September 2009


Black (9.28)

Burn - there is
a break in wood it's a charcoal mess in here

My heart is a breathing organ with an unblinking eye

Breathing is painting
burning through the torso

That heat feel in the cells - in there like spontaneous

Makes you want to put your head down
some chopping block - reach out

With some limp-wristed faggot hands
go down on this blade - eh? - this one here

Here -
take the creaking - it is the sound of hate in your chest

My heart is a hearing organ - a kneecap breaking on a tire iron

Colors are a bore - spreading vine making
your body becomes abandoned temples

The shears are breaking on lead - the turn aluminum

In a kitchen in Green Point it is 3am
a chamber burned - the outline of a body left behind

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