27 September 2009

Unworthy ya'll

Starting this week I am going to try and find something interesting to post along with the poems. It may have something to do with the poems going up or it may be random.

Unworthy (9/27)

I fear that I am unattractive
That I am always going ot be alone
Everyone is disinterested - taken - and crazy

I fear that I am never going to be a good writer
That I will be a ma-have
Inside those bars you can see them all networking

I fear I have genetic disorders
A bad heart, ASL, cancer, gum disease
My head is going to decide that sanity isn't for it

I fear the divide between reality and dreaming
It blurs sometimes
It's an oceanliner - I'm a bit of wood

I fear tomorrow will be the same as today and so on
That the sun will rise and the sky will be blue
I fear not being afraid

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