12 December 2009


Part of what I love about this project is the surprises I find within my own writing. This poem is a surprise to me. Which is always nice.

I included a link to the Wikipedia article on jicama. I realize most people know what it is...but some might not.

Perfective (12/12)

Tongue this grain
of sand into a diamond - the edges must
perfect themselves - become cumulus-nimbus
We have to become moisture
crystallizing in the atmosphere
our rationalizes thoughts becoming
snowflakes - reaching
out with feathered points - a tree - a root system
A nervous energy of highness rolling this muscle
We must become eroding
beach in calm mouth
Here - this slice of jicama in lemon - Here
a pomegranate seed - roll this until it goes clear
Until the juice is water and it can be worn

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