26 December 2009


Upstanding (12/26)

And we're walking - on two legs all right
            through some sparse desert expanse - it's night
you can see the Milky Way - it's clear
            dark and the sky is velveteen but not soft
really - looks more like marble spotted with
            white paint

And we're starting up a fire
            making the pit and dumping the bones
of cactus - whatever tree we can find
            you've got some matches in that pocket
and they keep dry when we cross a river
            they keep their little heads covered

And we're bedding down on rocks for real
            walk all day - sleep all night
we're some sort of Conestoga train us two
            going as long as legs will take us
we're moving west - east - south - north
            as long as we're moving

We're not going back - that's for sure
            we're taking whatever we see - we're eating
every last bit

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