26 May 2010


For many years I had a reoccurring dream where the room I was sitting in would begin to fill with water.

Every window and door would suddenly be fake. Painted on. As the water rose, I would take refuge on a floating couch. The room would suddenly be very tall and circular shaped.

After a very long time of worrying about falling in (I don't know how to swim) I would reach the ceiling. I would suddenly be pushed into the water. The couch still beneath me, holding me up enough to touch the roof. The water rising. My eyes the only thing above the surface.

Then I'd wake up.

Many years later I had the dream for what turned out to be the last time. Instead of apparently drowning, the roof suddenly flew off right as I was about to go under and a man with wings saved me.

I like to think it was Birdman.

Marinate 5/26

Do you have years - ?

Raise arms up like a bear and spin
slowly - this keeps the past at bay - sit
down sob until someone (mother) takes you home

Mirrors reflect - they bundle the twig
faces we make - hold them behind silvered surface
until we least expect - releasing self-ghosts as if
fire onto bathrooms - bedrooms - countless rooms

Do you have years - ?

That memory of drowning
where all is chlorine blue - sulfur smell
in your lungs - kicking disembodies legs floating -

A cylinder room with a cap top that flies off
and fish that slowly - there may be a shark - somewhere
a fan blade set to slice 'n dice
like a movie - some (derivative) nightmare - !

Do you have years - ?

Then you get to relive this each time you look
puffy-eyed - twinkle less - you
standing in a toilette in your own water staring

In your eyes - you can see this now - sudden
rolling credits - a trampoline of guest stars
pasts are bouncing around in your eyes -
you can name them - your mouth could begin to move -

Do you have years - ?

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