09 May 2010


Butter stains on cardboard as a horror movie.

Morph 5/9

Butter stains on the cardboard spread, a seeping movement
making faces of saints in the fibers

I watch the rain fall gently (so gently it is baby hair) into the trees,
outside the street is quiet

The pavement is cracking under itself, and
I'm watching the seams pull, render their clothes
and tossing their hair in anger

The lines are all wavy

Under water aquarium photograph wavy, they derail my eyes
and make the rain softer

The butter makes the paper clear, gives it a medieval glow, I
expect light to bed around it and cast
shadows on the wall in the shapes of fear and hollowness

I eat a muffin from the box and watch the circle it casts grow,
first into a skull, then a widening -

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