26 November 2010


Cranberry 11/24

I wear the shirt on days I’m feeling low
it is deep red pink maroon

It absorbs light and feels like sunset

The dark recesses of my mood vanish
become berries floating in cool water

This is irrational and clothes cannot change us

It is easy to forget oneself in sunset
the promises of nightfall are a lot to bear

Blackness and stars that unblink endlessly

Who among us can stare back into that face
of universe and remember what the sun was like

That is warmed our arms and bleached our hair

I like to imagine that I am comfortable with entropy
that the melting of everything is all right

But it is late November and the world tilts cold

I pull the shirt over my head and pray
that once again it will being the magic forth

Purple my vision today and tomorrow

My lows are not based on events they are
the product of thinking about the lack of them

Inner warmth is hard to come by

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