26 November 2010


Versioning 11/23

Kings are born – they are not an object fashioned in fires of a forge – they are unmade by the machinations of man – they are gods on earth suddenly immaculate before us – someone old has died someone young has ascended –

Oliver Cromwell is riding in the hills – he is not hunting – he is looking at the greenery that bears his name – it is only in name that it bears anything – untouched Oliver Cromwell pulls some cape he found in some closet in some palace around him –

Sometimes the old are not old but are boring or are out of date ‘elections’ might be held – coups waged – will is rarely involved – it is an act of time is an act of fashion is a cause of whim –

Oliver Cromwell is not hunting because he has hunted in the past and no longer needs to exert himself in this fashion – he is wandering – kings rarely know what they are doing – they just do it in accord with the shifts of wind –

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