08 May 2011

Process Art

On Kawara is concerned with time.

His Today series consists of paintings with a solid background and the date in white. The painting is completed on the date he is painting. If he cannot finish it, the painting is destroyed. The painting is housed in a wooden box with a newspaper clipping from the city Kawara is in at the time:

He has been doing this since 1966. There are over 2000 in the series. He is 78.

Process Art 5/8

Every day
I am every day
I am


Pulsing through
these pages
and the next

Every shelf
I am on every shelf
I am

Ages will
stare into my golden eye

Will know what I
had for breakfast this morning

A bagel
some milk
a glass of water

I am I am

Every second I am

Every single
goddamn person
I am
I am

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